Smarter, Safer, Sustainable Commuting Options
If you’ve noticed more cyclists on bike trails and roads, there’s a reason for that. Austin has been named one of the best bike cities in America, according to a new report.
The sport that children suffer the most injuries in doesn’t belong to football. According to pediatrician Dr. Elizabeth Knapp, that sport is bicycling. That’s why Caraway Elementary sponsored a bike rodeo to raise awareness about the importance of wearing bike helmets.
Bastrop youth will learn how to use public transportation in the city through a free program at the YMCA. During the Great Transit Adventure, kids 8 to 16 years old will learn how to read a bus schedule and board a CARTS bus in Bastrop that will take them to and from an afternoon of...
The Capital Area Regional Transportation System and the city of Bastrop have approved a five-year agreement to continue bus services in the city.
The gears are in motion for an overhauled regional transportation network featuring driverless vehicles and light rail in the years and decades ahead. The head of the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority presented new details about Project Connect, the transit agency’s long-term infrastructure plan.
Self-driving cars and air taxis won’t solve your urban travel needs for a good while, but a raft of tech solutions can help you efficiently mix public transit, bikes, scooters, car-share, and ride-hail right now.
Congestion in the Texas capital is a lot worse today than a decade ago. And with the local economy growing faster than in any other big city — attracting more residents and businesses — it’s sure to get worse.
The new transportation plan predicts short-term projects that could be completed in the next 10 years are expected to cost $550 million.
Capital Metro will release parts of its Project Connect Vision Plan that outline modes and methods for regional transit mobility and high-capacity travel throughout Austin proper.
This year, the United States census bureau ranked Georgetown, Texas as the sixth fastest-growing city in the country, and city officials are working to alleviate traffic issues as more traffic issues arise, and transportation alternatives to driving.

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