What is Commute Solutions?

Commute Solutions is a “one-stop” transportation resource in Central Texas promoting sustainable options that can reduce traffic congestion, improve mobility, protect air quality, and strengthen our region’s economy. We recognize the challenges Central Texas residents encounter with transportation in the region and work to find provide solutions outside of inefficient single occupant vehicle use. We strive to create dependable, sustainable, win/win solutions so that the region can move forward together.

Why should I look to reduce single occupancy vehicle driving?

By reducing single occupancy driving trips, you helping improve many regional issues; traffic congestion, mobility, air quality, and economic development. However, you also have a chance to improve your quality of life with commute options that may be:

  • Less Costly – reduce the amount you send on fuel by leaving the vehicle at home more often.
  • Less Stressful – you can spend less time driving a vehicle and more time doing thinks like reading or talking with friend and family on the bus.
  • More Healthy – get a jump-start on your fitness goals by biking and walking instead of driving.
  • More Social – Spend more time with friend and family or possibly make new friends on a shared vehicle like a vanpool.
What is myCommuteSolutions?

myCommuteSolutions provides reliable, easy, environmentally friendly, commuting solutions in the Central Texas region. myCommuteSolutions offers a regional ridematching service for carpools and vanpools, helps users find transit and active transportation route, offers incentives and rewards for sustainable commuters, and allow users to log and track their trips.

What is the Commute Solutions Emergency Ride Home Program?

The Commute Solutions Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program provides sustainable commuters a free or reduced-cost emergency ride home from work. In order to qualify, the commuter will need to log carpool, vanpool, public transit, bicycle or walking commutes into myCommuteSolutions.com and having a qualifying emergency event. Commute Solutions will reimburse emergency rides home for qualifying users up to a maximum of $75 per ride.

Is there a charge for any of the Commute Solutions services?

All of Commute Solutions services are free, thanks to funding partnerships which some of our local and federal partners earmarked to preserve air quality and reduce congestion.