Smarter, Safer, Sustainable Commuting Options
The ACL Fest is coming up – this year’s music extravaganza will take place Oct. 4-6 and Oct. 11-13. Whether or not you’re attending, any large music festival in Austin also means large traffic jams if you’re getting around in a private vehicle. Learn More
As mobility challenges continue to cripple Austin, residents will have one less option to get from place to place. On September 27, Car2Go announced via its website that it is ending service in Austin, along with three other cities, on October 31. Learn More
Smaller cities with limited budgets present particular traffic-safety problems. Here’s how some transportation planners managed the issues. Learn More
Austinites took to the streets to replace cars with tiny parks for PARKing day. Re-thinking public space — especially parking space — plays a role in the city’s mission to get more people using buses, bikes and their own two feet. Learn More
A robust public/private partnership could further enable a bike trail and pedestrian boardwalk that bridges the lingering cultural divide between the east and west sides of Austin, Texas, according to the recommendations made by a ULI Advisory Services panel. Learn More
The Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization voted to adopt its regional transportation demand management plan despite concerns that the plan could end up favoring urban projects to the detriment of rural counties. Learn More
The average Austin driver spent about 66 hours stuck in traffic in 2017, similar to the level of congestion that motorists in Dallas, San Diego and Portland experienced. Read More
A 14.71% new report from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute about commuters’ traffic woes is a doozy. The big takeaway: Drivers are wasting more time than ever “5.88%stopping and going in an ocean of brake lights” Learn More
Say Hello to Pickup! Capital Metro has brought ride-hailing to public transportation. With the Pickup app, you can arrange on-demand transit service from your home to an appointment, a shopping trip or anywhere within its service zone. All for just $1.25, the same as MetroBus and MetroRapid! Service Area Pickup serves four service zones in...
Cities can leverage design and technology to re-think our streets for pedestrians, bikes, and transit. Click Here