Smarter, Safer, Sustainable Commuting Options

car2go LogoOver the past few years, you have likely seen the tiny white cars with Car2Go branding traveling around town. Carsharing companies like Car2Go and Zipcar have been operating in the region for a number of years and could help you out if you do not have access to your own vehicle. Carsharing is a vehicle rental model that allows people to rent vehicles for short periods of time, often by the hour. This could be especially useful for people that commute to work without their personal vehicle because it gives you more flexibility to run errands during your lunch break or quickly get home if something unexpected comes up.

Zipcar LogoCurrently, Car2Go operates in Central and North Austin while Zipcar operates in Central Austin and San Marcos.

Consider learning more about the feasibility of carsharing for your situation, or share the information with someone you know who is hesitant to bus or vanpool because they want the ability to leave work quickly.